Cybersecurity in a rapidly changing environment

Nicholas Andersen, chief information security officer, Public Sector at Lumen Technologies, joined host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss ...

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If you asked a federal CIO about a company called Century Link, they probably would associate it with high-speed communications and data centers. Last year, a group of companies including CenturyLink was reorganized into companies with varying responsibilities.  A new organization emerged, called Lumen Technologies. Lumen’s focus is to provide a high-speed platform that will give large organizations, like the federal government, assurance for low latency communications as well as reducing cost and improving service.

Nicholas Andersen, CISO, Public Sector, Lumen Technologies

Nicholas Andersen is the chief information security officer, Public Sector at Lumen Technologies. He joined host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss cybersecurity in today’s rapidly changing federal environment.

Anderson lists a shocking number of statistics to show the size of Lumen Technologies. He mentions the 450,000 miles of fiber all over the world. This high-speed network allows federal agencies to optimize in many ways. It starts with the plethora of IoT devices that are spewing data by the petabyte.

From a systems management perspective, low latency allows for systems managers to elect to process data at the edge or move it to a data center with more horsepower.

This can be done seamlessly using new technology that some have called the 4th industrial revolution.

During the well-known Black Hat Conference, Jen Easterly from CISA announced an initiative called the Joint Cyber Defense Collective (JCDC).  It is an attempt to have the federal government partner with private organizations to share information on cyber challenges. Lumen Technologies is one of the first private sector companies to become a member.

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