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Alexandra Rouse, Professional Services Program Executive at the General Services Administration, joins host Roger Waldron on Off the Shelf to give us an update ...

(This show originally aired on October 16, 2018)

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This week on Off the Shelf,  Alexandra Rouse, GSA’s Professional Services Program executive, provides an update on GSA’s strategic professional services contract vehicles, OASIS ($3.5 billion in annual obligations) and the Professional Services Schedule ($10 billion in annual obligations).

Head Shot of Alexandra Rouse
Alexandra, Rouse, Professional Services Program Executive, GSA

Rouse provides an update on GSA’s on-ramps for OASIS and OASIS Small Business, highlighting the goal of significantly expanding OASIS SSB by adding a large number of new small business contractors.

She outlines the evaluation criteria and the timeline for the on-ramps, and shares success stories and highlights key customers, including DoD customers that are using OASIS.

Turning to the PSS, Rouse highlights the role the schedule plays as a key entry point into the federal market for small, medium and large commercial firms.

She also discusses the opportunity created for PSS through the addition of Order Level Materials (aka ODCs)., and provides an update on category management and best in class contracts.

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