• Draining the swamp: Is there a plumber in the house?

    Shouldn’t the feds responsible for programs impacting crops, cattle and minerals be closer to the taxpayers who produce, manage and depend on them?

  • Waiting for a buyout? Good luck with that!

    Years after the buyout surge of the 1990s some still-working feds are hanging on until the next round of buyouts. But that could take a while.

  • EPA employees ‘rolling the dice’ as they consider VERA/VSIP, FY18 budget cuts

    Gary Morton, AFGE’s VERA/VSIP lead negotiator, says employees also need to consider what budget cuts could mean for themselves and the agency in 2018.

  • Buyout bait: Would you bite?

    If you pick 100 people at random from your federal agency, odds are 34 of them could retire today, or six months ago. But they haven’t. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains why.

  • Buyout time? Recheck your expiration date

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wants to know if $25,000 is enough to lure you out of your job.

  • For the fed who has everything: A $40K Christmas buyout

    What gift do you give the federal worker who has everything? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says offer them a $40,000 buyout and then stand clear of the door.

  • Buyout package: Treasure chest or empty nest?

    Decision day on those proposed $40,000 federal buyouts is approaching and Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says there’s lots more than bigger buyouts on the congressional shopping list.

  • $40K buyout package alive and kicking

    Excited about the possibility of a $40,000 going-away gift from your agency? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says there’s good news and not-so-good news on the buyout front.

  • Is there life after retirement?

    Has the buzz about long-shot beefed up federal buyouts got you thinking retirement? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says if you’ve been rethinking retirement you are in very good company.

  • Life after retirement

    When is the best time for you to retire from the federal government? Find out on this week’s Your Turn when retired Foreign Service officer Dean Haas joins host Mike Causey to discuss what to do while in the planning stage. May 18, 2016