Expert Edition: Data Security

This exclusive e-book highlights what a few federal agencies are doing to tackle data security challenges and improve their cyber data posture.

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Getting the most out of your cybersecurity data requires normalizing and a tiered storage approach

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Federal managers working on ‘culture change’ for cross-component data sharing

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Cybersecurity vs. Data Security: Government’s Two-Pronged Challenge

Panel: Cybersecurity vs. Data Security: Government’s Two-Pronged Challenge
Featuring: Ann…

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The cloud, Cloudera, and the federal government

Mike Olson, board chairman and chief strategy officer of Cloudera, will talk about some of the tools your agency can use to manage its stored data.

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Big Data: Advancing the Art of Analytics

October 20th, 2010 at 11 AM
The application of knowledge discovery within the cloud is immensely powerful, but not inbuilt. We are collectively moving past the question of \”what is cloud computing\”, and swiftly moving towards \”how does the cloud enable advanced analysis against massive volumes of data?\” With industry and government leveraging multiple clouds, how do we successfully share and search large collections of data across systems, departments, and geographies? Organizations will continue…

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