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Dave Shuman, Internet of Things and manufacturing leader at Cloudera, joins host John Gilroy to discuss how his company can help federal agencies manage and pro...

Today’s interview is with Dave Shuman, Internet of Things (IoT) and manufacturing leader at Cloudera. When most listeners think of Cloudera they naturally think of Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark support and services. Today’s interview with Shuman has an emphasis on a new focus of Cloudera:  IoT and Manufacturing.

Head shot of Dave Schuman
Dave Shuman, IoT & Manufacturing Leader, Cloudera

Many federal information technology professionals are in a situation with a deluge of data from sensors, satellites and mobile devices. The issue today is in ingesting that information in a meaningful manner. Cloudera can assist in this endeavor by providing to connect the sensors and derive actionable insight with the data delivered.

Many cybersecurity professionals worry about protecting data at rest. During the interview, Shuman talks about data in motion. For example, an aircraft leaves New York with thousands of sensors. By the time it reaches Los Angeles it has amassed thousands of data points. According to the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, there are over 87,000 flights a day. Think of the amount of data that is generated – truly, data in motion.

The discussion ends with some insights on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Cloudera has evolved from its humble beginnings with Hadoop.

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