data storage

HHS digital investigators connect with cloud to manage ever-growing data for legal cases

The Digital Investigations Branch in HHS’ Office of Inspector General has a team of highly skilled digital investigators to collect and analyze electronically…

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NASA Perseverance Mars Rover

NASA JPL building models of its petabytes of data with artificial intelligence

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Army’s data strategy moves the service from industrial to information age

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Head shot of Dave Egts

Open source: The future is now

Dave Egts, chief technologist and director, Office of the Chief Technologist,, North America Public Sector at Red Hat discusses the advantages of open…

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head shot of George Young

The different flavors of search

George Young, vice president US sector for Elastic, joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss discusses how his company can help…

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Head shot of Sean Frazier

Zero trust security: Is it the key to protecting your data?

What is the Zero Trust Security model and how will it help federal IT professionals protect the data at their agencies? Find out when Sean Frazier, Advisor CISO – Federal at Duo Security, joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk. April 17, 2018

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