The proper approach to analytics

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Everyone is deluged with too much data and if one looks at the past seven years, you see that data has been easier and easier to accumulate.

Storage is cheap, the cloud allows for rapid expansion, and IoT and sensors have drastically bumped up the amount of data stored. Some refer to repositories of this data as a data lake.

Head shots of Jabbar & Wilson
Asad Jabbar & Josh Wilson, LMI

This concept has produced the phrase “park first, analyze later.” That may be perfectly acceptable in an academic environment, but many federal agencies, like the military, need that information to make life and death decisions.

This week Asad Jabbar, head of Capture Management and Josh Wilson, vice president of Advanced Analytics at LMI, join host John Gilroy on Federal Tech Talk to discuss the proper approach to analytics.

LMI is an unusual organization. It has been around for fifty-five years and is a not for profit. They help federal agencies by solving complex problems, like advanced analytics.

Both Jabbar and Wilson expand upon what data analytics means in this new world of big data. Topics range from super hubs to unstructured data to data cataloging.


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