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What is open source and how is it being used in the federal government? Find out when Corelight CEO Greg Bell joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tec...

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Greg Bell, the CEO from Corelight, is the guest today discussing open source and high-performance computing.

Head shot of Greg Bell
Greg Bell, CEO, Corelight

For some reason, federal IT professionals have a habit of thinking all new ideas come from the private sector. The classical image is two nerds in a garage in California. Well, today’s story is a bit different.

Bell got an advanced degree in English and started working as a network engineer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  This is the home of Nobel Prize winners.  To use the vernacular of the street, buildings full of high demand engineers.

Every year data got bigger, systems got more complex and internationally known engineers demanded more.  Bell was on the ground floor with the development of an open source project called “Bro.” Bro had the ability to efficiently manage networks to allow the smart folks to reach goals not possible for us mere mortals.  In other words, innovation was fostered in a federal environment.

A company called Corelight asked Bell to be the CEO, and we begin the story of an easy-to-use
Bro.  Greg certainly has a deep and thorough knowledge of federal systems, both the strengths and weaknesses. He will talk about ways to handle system alerts to get structured, actionable, data.

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