Seagate: Secure and affordable data storage

Mike Moritzkat and Bill Downer with Seagate Government Solutions join host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss how their company is using i...

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If one were to survey federal information professionals, chances are they would recognize the name Seagate, but they probably would not have heard of Seagate Government Solutions.

That’s why we have Mike Moritzkat, vice president & managing director, and Bill Downer, senior director of Seagate Government Solutions in the studio today.

Everyone has heard of the proliferation of sensors everywhere creating so much data that we are running out of clever names like petabyte and yottabyte. Well, where do these eventually end up? Probably on a hard drive somewhere.Segate Logo

Today’s interview talks about ways innovation at Seagate can assist the federal government in storing these countless amounts of data. During the interview,  Moritzkat talks about how Seagate invests one billion dollars a year in research and development. The bottom line is — secure and affordable data storage.

Some will argue that all federal (and commercial) networks have been compromised. The last line of defense is the hard drive itself. Seagate has worked closely with the federal community on concepts like automatic encryption of data on the hard drive.

Seagate advances the technology and Seagate Government Solutions listens to federal requirements to determine how innovations in storage can be applied to the rapidly changing federal tech arena.

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