Dina Titus

  • Law firm says feds may be entitled to compensation for COVID exposure

    In today’s Federal Newscast, a Washington D.C. attorney says hundreds of thousands of federal employees are potential plaintiffs in this class action suit.

  • With Trump Hotel potentially up for sale, GSA faces ‘rare circumstance’ transferring lease

    The General Services Administration once again finds itself in a “very rare circumstance” having to oversee the potential sale and transfer of the historic, government-owned building the Trump Hotel occupies.

  • Access to Trump Hotel documents sparks another dispute between GSA and Congress

    Even with the Trump Hotel potentially up for sale, GSA and House Democrats have once again clashed over an investigation into whether the president’s ties to a government lease violate the Constitution.

  • CBP sees some glimmers of progress but still can’t meet recruitment, staffing goals

    Despite persistent hiring challenges at Customs and Border Protection, Accenture Federal Services said the recruiting and customer service centers it built as part of its multi-million dollar contract with CBP will set the agency up for future success.

  • Congress takes another shot at fixing outdated, lengthy veterans appeals process

    Some members of Congress are encouraged by a new solution to overhaul the outdated and lengthy appeals process for veterans. Members of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committee introduced new legislation Tuesday that would create three paths for veterans to move more quickly through the appeals process. VA has roughly 470,000 claims pending as of April 1.

  • Lawmakers punt major VA issues to next Congress

    A new omnibus veterans package cleared the House Tuesday afternoon, but it doesn’t address three controversial issues that both veterans affairs committees and the VA Secretary himself have spent the past year debating. That leaves a fix for the outdated veterans appeals process, an alternative or solution to the Veterans Choice Program and new accountability procedures to the 115th Congress and next administration.