(Apple via AP)This image provided by Apple shows Apple CEO Tim Cook making a presentation on 5G and the new iPhone 12, which was unveiled Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020. A much-hyped network upgrade called “5G” means different things to different people. To industry proponents, it’s the next huge innovation in wireless internet. To the U.S. government, it’s the backbone technology of a future that America will wrestle with China to control. To many average people, it’s simply a mystery. (Apple via AP)

FirstNet adds 5G to first responder network as part of AT&T contract, expanding rural broadband

Four years in, the FirstNet program is adding 5G technology to the nation’s first responder network. And it’s been steadily building out coverage in rural…

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Faster, Smarter, Safer with FirstNet: Delivering a new era of communications for Federal public safety and Military first responders. Part 3.

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FirstNet teams triage cybersecurity, rural coverage as they build out network

AT&T and FirstNet say they are working to secure traffic on the first responder network, and are building a fleet of cell tower trucks ready for deployment.

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A broadband network just for first responders – 6/18/17

T. J. Kennedy of FirstNet and Chris Sambar of AT&T discuss their combined efforts to build and manage the first broadband network that will be dedicated…

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Major step taken for public safety broadband network

The First Responder Network Authority issued its Request for Proposals for the nationwide public safety broadband network this week. The network will be the first of its kind dedicated to public safety.

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