• New privacy handbook brings consistency to DHS

    Document addresses safeguarding personal information

  • Privacy in the dumpster

    Pharmacy giant CVS will pay the government more than $2 million after media reports that it disposed of patient information in dumpsters. The agreement follows a joint investigation by Health and Human Services and the…

  • The DorobekInsider reader: Obama cyber policy review

    As most people know, President Obama spoke today about cyber-security and the White House posted the results of the 60-day top-to-bottom review of the government’s cyber-security initiatives. (I was on DC’s WTOP radio earlier today…

  • Advisory board: overhaul privacy

    Issues of privacy can sometimes get lost in the Web 2.0 world we live in, so an advisory board for the National Institute of Standards and Technology is calling for an update to the Privacy…

  • Teufel talks privacy policies and governance

    The emphasis on transparency is creating a convergence of privacy, security, and transparency policy. Former DHS Chief Privacy Officer Hugo Teufel told me about sorting out the three challenges, and striking the right balance among…

  • Establishing Identity in a Cloud Computing Environment

    Aired Wednesday, July 15th at 2:05pm

    With the recent decision by the Federal government to move to a Cloud Computing environment, the role of verifying the identity of an authorized user as well as defining their rights once inside the cloud presents a series of opportunities as well as challenges.

  • Privacy, porn, and your federal job: analysis

    The Securities and Exchange Commission has been slapped with a lawsuit demanding disclosure of names of employees who viewed pornography on government computers. Attorney Debra Roth explains what’s going on here.

  • Identification Technology and Citizen Privacy

    June 15th The rapid convergence of security technologies combined with growing concerns about individual privacy are creating a need to understand the purpose of identification and credentialing in your environment and the impact on the public. Financial institutions and commercial services are adopting high tech methods to protect consumer access to convenient online transaction systems. Governments have adopted electronic identity documents to facilitate fast and convenient border crossing including ePassports, enhanced driver’s licenses, and RFID Passport cards. We are all aware of public space surveillance systems to reduce street crime in urban centers. Proposed identity credentials are to provide a trusted citizen identification solution for employment authorization including biometric verification. How will these identification systems foster trust and confidence by consumers that their personal information is secure and protected? Join us for a discussion with experts in the field of identification and credentialing to learn about how these innovations can meet security and consumer needs while managing the impact on privacy and civil liberties.

  • How to protect your privacy, reputation online

    It’s hard to imagine collaboration in 2010 without thinking about social media. What you need to know to stay out of trouble.

  • DorobekINSIDER: News Channel 8 discussing cyber-war — is it real?

    I will be on NewsChannel 8′s Federal News Tonight at 7:30p tonight — and we’ll be talking about the ongoing debate: Is the threat of cyber-war exaggerated? As I mentioned earlier, this question was the…