The keys to a happier retirement

Financial planner Arthur Stein joins host Mike Causey to discuss asset allocation and what you can do to map out a much happier, less stressful retirement. Oct...

This week on “Your Turn” financial planner Arthur Stein joins host Mike Causey to talk about asset allocation.

Should you have all your retirement savings in the TSP? And if so, where do you invest it? Do you stick with the super-safe, low yield treasury securities G-fund? What about the stock market C, S and I funds? They have traditionally produced the highest yields, but are also subject to market downturns as we all learned in 2008-2009.

A key question is what percentage of investments should be in the TSP stock, bond and treasury funds. Equally important is should your percentages (allocations) change over time? And if so, how?

The show runs from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. here on or, in the D.C. area, on 1500 AM. It will also be archived on our homepage so you, or a friend, can listen anytime. If you want to speak directly Art Stein during the show you can call 202-465-3080. Or if you want to e-mail a question send it to before the show starts.

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