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Is your TSP account taking you where you want to go?

More Thrift Savings Plan investors than you think may not understand exactly what their retirement nest egg is invested in.

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Amelia Brust/Federal News Network

TSP hires new vendor to take the plan into the 21st century

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FRTIB is looking for Thrift Savings Plan fund managers

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(Getty Images/iStockphoto/designer491)TSP

TSP investors: Is it ‘time’ to time the market?

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Peter Tuchman

Timing and your TSP investments

Financial planner Arthur Stein is today’s Your Turn guest and will talk about investment time periods for Thrift Savings Plan participants.

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Charging Bull

Is your political filter messing with your TSP account?

Maybe it’s time to clean or even replace your personal political filter, at least when it comes to making long-range financial decisions. Most experts…

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Patrick Casey, Sal Suarino

Confessions of an average TSP millionaire

The average Thrift Savings Plan balance for Federal Employees Retirement System participants — 3.3 million people — was $138,933 in January.

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