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  • TSP shows marginal growth in November returns

    Although November growth was small for Thrift Savings Plan’s stock and Lifecycle funds, there was at least one standout.

  • What’s your million-dollar-TSP ETA?

    The first TSP millionaires were all alike and today, they still have a lot in common. The vast majority have been investing the maximum for 29-plus years.

  • Is it time to time your TSP moves?

    Almost everybody knows the buy-low-sell-high “rule” of investing. But many people don’t follow it.

  • May proves dismal for TSP performance

    After one of the worst days of 2019 for the stock market, nearly every fund in the Thrift Savings Plan took a tumble in May.

  • FRTIB is looking for Thrift Savings Plan fund managers

    The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board issued an RFP for two fund managers for its C, F, I and S funds for the Thrift Savings Plan.

  • TSP investors playing it safe, or missing big gains?

    Despite the red hot stock market and longest-ever bull market in history, federal workers have just over 40% of their money in treasury securities.

  • Most TSP funds show even smaller, but still positive, returns in March

    TSP performance in March mostly echoed that of the previous month. The F fund performed better, and the S fund continued to plunge from its January peak, but the other TSP funds managed to stay in the black despite yielding still smaller returns.

  • Riding the stock market waves to a $1M TSP

    Allan Roth, founder of Wealth Logic and a nationally syndicated financial columnist, said that when it comes to investing, his motto is “Dare to be dull,” as in boring.

  • Timing and your TSP investments

    Financial planner Arthur Stein is today’s Your Turn guest and will talk about investment time periods for Thrift Savings Plan participants.

  • Is your political filter messing with your TSP account?

    Maybe it’s time to clean or even replace your personal political filter, at least when it comes to making long-range financial decisions. Most experts agree that based on past history the stock market is long overdue for a major correction of 20 to even 30 percent.