A ‘diet COLA’ for FERS retirees has compounding effects on retirement savings

A reduced cost-of-living adjustment, or “diet COLA,” for FERS retirees can create a much larger difference in retirement savings over time.

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Many federal retirees to receive 3.2% in 2024 COLA, but not everyone gets the same adjustment

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For 2023, federal retirees will see largest COLA increase in over 40 years

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COLA, COVID, pay raise, shutdown: Time for a time out?

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Big 2022 COLA: Good news or bad news?

January 2022’s cost of living adjustment for federal retirees will depend on not only their plan, but also inflation.

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A quick COLA catch-up

Consumer prices are going up and up, which is a good sign if you’re hoping for a high cost of living adjustment next January.

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Good news, Congress is away. Bad news, they’ll be back!

Despite tough talk from Congress and the White House, the federal employee benefits package has so-far remained untouched.

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