federal retirees

  • How to tailor-make your own tax haven

    Is there a state(s) where you can retire and keep more of your own money while enjoying a better standard of living? The short answer: Probably. To get the best tax deal now and in…

  • Grandpa scam now includes nephews

    A popular phone scam potentially targeting affluent federal retirees makes a comeback in the D.C. region.

  • COLA, yes — pay raise? Maybe

    Today the House is in recess until after Labor Day. Proposed changes in FERS, which would require you to pay 6 percent more for the benefit while cost of living adjustments would be eliminated for retirees, seem less urgent.

  • Sex, money, politics or Medicare Part B

    Most federal workers and retirees are covered by one of the dozens of plans and any of them do not need Medicare Part B, but it does offer extra protection.

  • National capital area kicking off revamped Combined Federal Campaign for 2017

    Some key changes are coming to the Combined Federal Campaign in 2017, including online donations and the ability for retirees to give.

  • Careful, that may not be your grandson

    Federal retirees beware: What if your grandson calls and says he’s in jail on a DUI and needs you to wire the court $2,800 ASAP? Most people would probably get the cash, then find a place they could wire it, only to learn it’s a scam.

  • CSRS & FERS programs in the budget bullseye

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says many feds are in shock over proposed changes in the federal retirement program and what it would do to all retirees.

  • Debate the budget, but no canings please

    If you’re a federal employee, the budget proposal comes with some interesting policy ideas. You probably won’t like them.

  • Retirement risks: Running out of money

    Retired federal workers don’t have to worry inflation will outpace their benefits as they grow older. Or do they? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it all depends…

  • The keys to a happier retirement

    Financial planner Arthur Stein joins host Mike Causey to discuss asset allocation and what you can do to map out a much happier, less stressful retirement. October 19, 2016