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How micro-segmentation is securing the nation’s high-value critical assets

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Today’s military commanders must secure mission requirements and ensure that only the authorized people have access to exactly the right data, at exactly the right time. Unisys allows armed forces leaders to leverage one solution with added benefits that require no hardware or additional infrastructure to deploy as it is entirely software based, available anytime, anywhere deployed with agility and completely transparent to the user. This allows for enormous cost savings and enhanced encryption security to share and protect information on the fly, even in times of duress.

Our solution, Unisys Stealth, is specifically designed to protect data-in-transit on-prem, in the cloud, and hybrid deployments, with the ability to push security policy down to the individual level, in a process called “micro-segmentation”. Unisys Stealth is a leader in the emerging micro-segmentation field and built it for a unique DoD and Intel Community requirement.

Unisys Stealth is in fact, the only micro-segmentation solution certified for use with National Security System data centers, which ensures that the tightly controlled security policy and access management on premises extends into any cloud environment. Stealth deploys right now at Federal, State, and Local government levels, protecting some of our most sensitive government data, securing mission enclaves.

Gartner calls micro-segmentation one of the top security trends today. Share information securely in the cloud. To learn more about Unisys’s Stealth solution go to

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