• Why cybersecurity has an open-source solution

    Michael Shinn, CEO of Atomicorp, discusses how open-source software can provide important and useful solutions for cybersecurity problems in the cloud and on a wide range of other cyber applications.

  • Building a secure cloud for government work

    Chris Gorman, COO at Monkton, discusses his company’s method of employing common security standards to allow government workers to work from more places and be more productive.

  • Restructuring the government’s online services

    Zac Trojak, principal of public sector at Medallia, discusses the IDEA Act, and how his business is helping government websites become more helpful and more powerful for the average citizen.

  • NOAA’s approach to Zero Trust is a ‘developing process’

    NOAA’s broad spectrum of data formats across more than 90 business systems requires regular check on authorization and cyber health.

  • Bringing universities and employers together

    On this EXTRA Episode, Jason MIller, CEO of the Greater Washington Partnership, and Jill Klein, Dean of American University School of Professional and Extended Studies, discuss the Capital CoLab, a recent partnership between regional universities and the GWP to ensure students have the digital literacy that businesses in the area crave.

  • Federal data as a strategic asset: a conversation with Nancy Potok

    How is the U.S. federal government leveraging data as a strategic asset? How is the federal government building the infrastructure for evidence-based policymaking? What does the future hold for the federal data and statistical communities? Join host Michael Keegan as he explores these questions and more with Nancy Potok, Chief Statistician of the U.S. within the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

  • Understanding what regulation the tech industry needs

    Richard Levick, CEO of Levick; Phil Bond, president of government affairs for Potomac International Partners, and Elizabeth Rogers, regulatory expert and partner at Michael Best, discuss the myriad problems facing future regulations for the tech industry, and how regulations might take shape in the near future.

  • Data Coalition’s new CEO talks legislation to open up federal data

    Sound decision making, including federal, is supposed to take evidence based on data into account. The Data Coalition has a new CEO: Nick Hart

  • The hidden danger in your daily data

    John Cofrancesco, VP of Business Development at Active Navigation, discusses the security risks that can be hidden in everyday files like emails, spreadsheets and presentations, and how companies can work to mitigate damage these might cause in a hack.

  • The question of “where” has many answers. Learn about real-world experiences using location data at Mapbox’s GovSummit.

    To highlight how location data is addressing challenges across the public sector, Mapbox will host the first GovSummit conference on March 26 in Washington D.C.