Moving to the cloud

Host John Gilroy will talk cloud computing with David Blankenhorn, the chief cloud technologist at DLT Solutions. January 17, 2012

January 17, 2012 — David Blankenhorn, the chief cloud technologist at DLT Solutions, joins host John Gilroy on today’s program.

Five years ago, the chief cloud technologist job title didn’t exist – neither did cloud services architect, cloud migration specialist, and cloud security specialist.

On today’s show, Blankenhorn expands on what is needed for a federal agency to make the transition to a cloud environment.

DLT Solutions has been in business for over twenty years – they are the largest reseller of Oracle and Red Hat to the federal government.

Because of the wide variety of products and services that DLT Solutions provides, they are placed in a situation of analyzing requirements and making recommendations as to what is the appropriate technology to move to the cloud.

Blankenhorn and Gilroy discuss everything from big data to “desktop as a service,” FED RAMP, as well as the recent initiative from Steve VanRoekel.

VanRoekel wants agencies to make a transition to a shared services approach in 2012.

In fact, they will need to show a transition from at least two IT services to a shared approach.

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