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Is your agency swamped with data? This week on Federal Tech Talk, Monica McEwen, public sector director at Qlick will explain how her company uses data analyti...

Today’s guest is Monica McEwen, public sector director at Qlik. Her company is a leader in the area of data visualization.

Head shot of Monica McEwen
Monica McEwen, public sector director, Qlik

The famous software developer Bruce Springsteen once said that he had 500 channels and nothing to watch.  It seems like federal information professionals can make a similar claim.  With access to larger storage systems, multiple feeds of data, the Internet of Things (IoT), everyone seems to be swamped with data.  Perhaps today’s lament is 500 databases and everything to analyze.

Qlik has made inroads in many areas where you can harness that data in those databases.  During the interview, McEwen talks about the Application Program Interfaces (API’s) that Qlik makes available.

McEwen discusses a recent survey that shows nearly two thirds of federal agencies do not have an analytical solution in place.  She argues that Qlik has the ability to take diverse streams of information and make sense of it. You can take the trendy buzzword “analytics” and put it to use.

If you follow the Twitter feed from Qlik you will discover that the company operates in many areas.  In fact, some people in Twitter-world think Qlik is a healthcare IT data visualization company.

Listen to the interview to get a new take on understanding your data.

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