Riverbed Technologies: Maximizing your agency’s digital performance

Marlin McFate, federal chief technology officer at Riverbed Technologies, joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss how his company is ...

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Most people listening to this interview probably identify Riverbed Technologies with improvements in Wide Area Networking (WAN).  This specific innovation is applying virtualization to the concept of a WAN, commonly called a Software Defined (SD) WAN, or SD WAN.

Head shot of Marlin McFate
Marlin McFate, federal CTO, Riverbed Technologies

The goal of SD WAN is to allow for increases in agility, performance, and decreases in cost; Riverbed has proven this in commercial and government applications all over the world. The idea is that updates and patches don’t have to be done manually – they can be automated.

Marlin McFate, Riverbed’s federal chief technology officer, maintains this improvement fits perfectly in the world of cybersecurity.  During his interview on Federal Tech Talk he argued that what Riverbed is actually providing is visibility into your network operations.  Rather than relying on porous firewalls, a system from Riverbed will allow you to control transmission of documents based on behavior of the person involved.

Identities can get compromised and system are continuously breached.  McFate suggested that when one gets a true view of a network, one can increase cybersecurity. Additionally, this view allows for systems to be automated when a malicious actor appears.

IoT devices are flooding agency systems.  The technology from Riverbed also allow you to understand what is on your network and, further, conduct self-audits to test for compliance and system efficiency.

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