• IT executives at DHS, OMB on the move

    Kshemendra Paul joined the Veterans Affairs Department as its new chief data officer after spending the last almost three years at the Homeland Security Department. Meanwhile, SBA hires Bill Hunt from OMB and Labor promotes a new deputy CIO.

  • How OMB is taking a pragmatic approach to data center consolidation

    OMB released a new draft data center policy where cost savings is taking a back seat to optimization and operational realities.

  • Hybrid cloud is changing the one-size fits all mindset

    A new survey from Nutanix of federal agencies found 20 percent of all respondents are using a multi-cloud approach, and of them,75 percent say it’s working well or very well.

  • Questions remain on $10B JEDI cloud contract

    Although the Coalition for Government Procurement commends DoD for its transparency in making its decision/rationale publicly available, its report raises additional questions and concerns related to DoD’s single-award strategy.

  • Moving beyond cybersecurity compliance to risk management

    Currently, there is no firm timeline or hard transition deadline for moving to the cybersecurity scorecard 2.0, leadership says.

  • Redefining the modern data center with ViON

    ViON’s Rob Davies and Kaminario’s Josh Epstein cited companies’ scalable, agile technologies as drivers for change in federal government.

  • Meet your artificial officemate

    Federal agencies are using artificial intelligence to do everything from cataloging milk prices to monitoring immigration status. Department leaders say the technology helps cut costs and improve accuracy, but machines are also impacting the human workforce.

  • ATF CIO Holgate to waltz into private sector

    Rick Holgate, the chief information officer for the Justice Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, announced he’s moving to the private sector.

  • Why CIOs should embrace the ‘reality of power’

    Tina Nunno, vice president and Gartner Fellow in Gartner’s CIO Research group, tells the Women of Washington radio show that “power in the hands of good people is an amazing thing.”

  • More openings at OMB than just VanRoekel

    Steve VanRoekel isn’t the only one leaving the E-Government office.