Do women understand Gov 2.0 better than men?

In the Gartner blog, Andrea Di Maio wrote that he notices a gender difference in how federal workers understand open government and social media.

According to his blog, “While there seems to be an overwhelming majority of men among the government 2.0 evangelist community (some of whom may have been offended by my observation), women on the government 2.0 implementation side (i.e. not those who preach, but those who have to deploy and use these technologies) seem to be faster and nimbler in getting to the bottom of it.”

Female CIOS and IT professionals are better at balancing “internal vs. external collaboration,” he wrote.

Di Maio said his conclusion does not come from any online surveys or polls but through hundreds of conversations he has had with feds, and it would be interesting to research why women are better at social media than men.

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