Open government

  • White House hints at Federal Data Strategy, OPEN Govt Data Act, in open-government strategy

    The Trump administration released its first — but the U.S. government’s fourth — National Action Plan for Open Government Thursday night, more than a year after the original deadline from the international Open Government Partnership.

  • Air Force carpet bombs public affairs

    Following a new set of policies concerning public affairs officers, the Air Force is cutting back on interviews and base visits for journalists.

  • Chris O’Neil: How public affairs officers communicate

    Public affairs officers, like their PR counterparts in business, have the task of responding to reporters who probably have difficult questions. The PAOs’ bosses would like to skip it and have the reporters to go away. That’s not a recipe for great public communications. Chris O’Neil, a federal public affairs officer and the president-elect of the National Association of Government Communicators, offers his take on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Congress inches to modern tech

    One way Congress might improve is if it upgraded the way in which it communicates to the public. Congressional agencies like the Government Accountability Office and the Government Publishing Office have made tangible modernizing strides in recent years.

  • Press sweats over covering Trump

    How open or closed will the Trump administration be? How the next president treats the performance dashboards will be instructive.

  • Alex Howard: Making presidential transition more transparent

    What really happens during presidential transitions? For a view of how to make transition more open and transparent, as part of our continuing series, Tracking the Transition. Federal Drive with Tom Temin turns to Alex Howard, senior analyst at the Sunlight Foundation.

  • Sean Moulton: New report looks at progress toward more open government

    You may have missed this one. But at the end of 2015 the Obama administration concluded work on its second national action plan for the Open Government Partnership. If the government was a door, you’d say it’s still half open, or half closed depending on your point of view. Two dozen good-government groups carefully evaluated open government progress. Sean Moulton, open government project manager at the Project on Government Oversight, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to share what they found.

  • New DoJ training reinforces the shared responsibility of FOIA

    Melanie Pustay, the director of the Office of Information Policy in the Justice Department, said the tools and e-learning modules are focused on everyone from new employees to senior executives. DoJ rolled out the new education concepts ahead of Sunshine Week, which promotes open government.

  • Congress fails to revise FOIA despite bipartisan support

    By MATTHEW DALY Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Advocates for greater openness in government were frustrated after Congress failed to update the Freedom of Information Act despite bipartisan support in the House and Senate. Without…

  • White House crowdsources open-government playbook

    In writing a new tipsheet for agencies about engaging the public, the White House is practicing what it’s preaching.