NATHANIEL_SOTTUNGHead show of Rob Efrus

Efrus Federal Advisors CEO explains how to create results-oriented environment

Rob Efrus, founder and CEO of Efrus Federal Advisors, joins host Aileen Black on this week’s Leaders and Legends to discuss leadership during adversity,…

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Chris Currie, Government Accountability Office, GAO

Despite DHS leadership vacancies, GAO sees progress in risk areas

At the moment, the Department of Homeland Security has so many top management openings it looks like Swiss cheese.

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Mohan Rao

Why your company needs a chief technology officer

Mohan Rao, chief product and technology officer at StreetShares, discusses how expert guidance from a CPO or CTO can make or break a company’s bottom line.

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Mirza Baig

Transitioning from serial entrepreneur to serial venture investor

Mirza Baig, partner and co-leader at Aldrich Capital Partners, discusses what it’s like to move from being an entrepreneur to a venture investor, and how that puts him in the specific position of relating to the journeys and hardships of startups and businesses looking for funding.

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