• Agencies offer mixed messages on telework during summer Metro closures

    At least one department is implementing a new limit on telework for some employees during the summer Metro closures. The Agriculture Department isn’t lifting its limit on telework during the Metro construction but has encouraged employees to consider flexible and alternative work schedules.

  • OPM proposes new guidelines on administrative leave

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Office of Personnel Management has proposed new regulations that define parameters for agencies in granting administrative leave.

  • NRC preparing for RIFs, but not for the reason you might think

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is preparing reductions in force (RIFs) to employees at three offices at the agency. An NRC spokesman said the agency is looking at alternatives to RIFs, but it sent an initial 120-day notice to the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents many NRC employees.

  • NRC’s Steve Lavie goes from commencement to retirement

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently saw one of its longtime employees off into retirement. Steve Lavie, had a long career working on a nuclear submarine in the Navy then at nuclear power plants on the East Coast and finally at the NRC. But when he enlisted in the Navy, he was just a few credits shy of receiving his college degree. His NRC colleagues saw to it that Lavie still had a chance to experience a college commencement, before his retirement this summer. Lavie tells his story to Federal News Radio’s Nicole Ogrysko on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • USCIS is overcoming culture barriers to change IT development

    Mark Schwartz, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services chief information officer, said he’s implementing something called impact mapping to better manage how his agency uses dev/ops to move off legacy systems.

  • HHS IT executives finding new homes

    Dave Nelson is leaving the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to be the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s CIO while Karen DeSalvo left her role as coordinator for health IT to focus full time on being acting assistant secretary for health.

  • Darren Ash: Five critical functions of IT management

    The IT Management Maturity Model is designed to help your agency assess where it stands in five critical functions of IT management. It’s a three-phase project developed by more than 50 experts in IT, finance, human resources and acquisition. Darren Ash, deputy executive director for Corporate Management at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and co-chair of the ACT-IAC FITARA Implementation Project, updates In Depth with Francis Rose with the latest.

  • CIO Council to try to deepen the pool of IT workers

    A new survey from the Chief Information Officers and Chief Human Capital Officers councils shows most agencies are finding the pool of job candidates to choose from is too shallow. Darren Ash and Richard McKinney, the co-chairmen of the CIO Council’s Workforce Committee, said 75 percent of agency IT managers and human resource executives responding to the survey said they couldn’t recruit the necessary talent to do mission critical work.

  • James Corbett, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is asking Congress for a larger budget in fiscal 2015. The White House proposes an extra $3.5 million for a total just over $1 billion. James Corbett, director of the Acquisition Management Division at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, appeared in studio on Executive Suite as part of In Depth with Francis Rose.

  • Shutdown effects continue to ripple through agencies

    Congress’ failure to agree on a short-term funding measure last week immediately threw agencies into shutdown mode, shutting offices and sending hundreds of thousands of federal employees home without pay. But as the shutdown stretches into its second week with no end in sight, a round of second-order effects is beginning to ripple throughout government.