Google and SBA offer big tips for small business

The \"Tools for Online Success\" site features tutorials, video testimonials, and tips from savvy small business people who have leveraged the web to become mor...

By Suzanne Kubota
Senior Internet Editor

Part of the mission of the Small Business Administration is to enable “the establishment and viability of small businesses”. So, now, the SBA has turned to Google to help.

The idea is to bring low-cost tools to companies to help with their online efforts in the form of Tools for Online Success.

Joe Zepecki, deputy associate administrator for the Office of Communications and Public Liaison at the SBA told Federal News Radio this is an opportunity to educate small businesses about how to grow and create jobs.

So what we did is we partnered with Google and came up with a number of short video segments that walk through different pieces of how to use online tools to grow your business and they’re up online at or at, from our homepage.

Zepecki said there’s no cost to any small business person.

Anybody can view them. They can use these tools without using Google. There’s a lot of discussion around Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, lots of different online tools that have cropped up in the last couple of years, and all of them are discussed in these videos. This is really sort of a public service to the small business community to make sure they understand the way that the world works right now and where their customers are is online. So it’s in small businesses’ interest… to understand how to communicate via the internet with their customers.

Zepecki said the “principles behind this, whether you are selling coffee or running a salon or doing business with the federal government, you need to understand this universe and how people are using the internet and the web to make decisions.”

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