• How the browser betrays your organization

    Authentic8 offers a cloud browser called Silo, which facilitates worry-free browsing.

  • Understanding what regulation the tech industry needs

    Richard Levick, CEO of Levick; Phil Bond, president of government affairs for Potomac International Partners, and Elizabeth Rogers, regulatory expert and partner at Michael Best, discuss the myriad problems facing future regulations for the tech industry, and how regulations might take shape in the near future.

  • Cyber spoofing attack hits Labor, Transportation Departments

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the cybersecurity firm Anomali Labs says it’s found a malicious server hosting two separate phishing campaigns targeting government contractors looking to do business with the Labor and Transportation departments.

  • USPS exploring idea of self-driving mail trucks

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the U.S. Postal Service is asking industry for an autonomous vehicle that can follow a route while a mail carrier is able to sort the mail for delivery.

  • Head of Google federal cloud leaves

    Aileen Black, Google’s executive director and industry lead and group leader for the U.S. government, left the company after more than two years.

  • Tech execs at White House field ideas for US dominance

    Top executives from Google, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Qualcomm are planning to meet at the White House amid strained ties between President Donald Trump’s administration and the tech industry

  • DHS: Agro Industry also facing cybersecurity challenges

    In today’s Federal Newscast, a new report from the Homeland Security Department says large agricultural operations face cyber threats like data theft, and even destruction of large-scale farm equipment.

  • Google decides not to bid on DoD’s $10B cloud procurement

    Google said the Defense Department’s JEDI cloud program doesn’t align with their approach where multiple clouds and an open source environment makes the most sense.

  • Senators want to block Trump’s hopes of privatizing the Postal Service

    In today’s Federal Newscast, 28 Senators signed on to a resolution to keep the U.S. Postal Service a federal entity.

  • Business and the First Amendment

    Shanlon Wu, former federal prosecutor and partner; Thomas Clare, partner at Clare Locke; and Richard Levick, chairman and CEO of Levick; discuss the ways that First Amendment issues bleed into the corporate world.