Fresh voices weigh in on Pentagon acquisition, logistics

Defense acquisition logistics challenges have been talked about and studied and debated on many occasions (some of them on this radio station). But most of the time the voices are the same ones that you’ve heard hash through these issues before.

About two weeks ago the Brookings Institution hosted a discussion that broke that mold. This event,

“the first annual Military and Federal Fellow Research Symposium, featur[ed] the independent and cutting-edge research produced by members of each military service and select federal agencies during their time in think tanks and academia. Organized by the fellows themselves, the symposium provided a greater awareness of the valuable policy work our defense leaders are producing at think tanks and research institutions across the nation.”

I played highlights from Panel 2, “Acquisition and Logistics.” Click here to listen to the audio of the entire second panel. Click here to read the Panel 2 transcript. Click here for information about all the panels, and the keynote from Lieutenant General John Paxton.

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