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Emerging approaches of agile government: A conversation with Angela Evans

What are the principles of agile government? What are the new and emerging competencies required for agile public governance? How can agile principles and pract...

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The Business of Government Hour, hosted by Michael J. Keegan, features a conversation with government executives and thought leaders who are changing the way government does business. The show explores topics such as leadership, management, technology, innovation, public service, as well as the mission of government in the 21st century.


What are the principles of agile government? What are the new and emerging competencies required for agile public governance? How can agile principles and practices be taught in schools of public affairs and administration? Join host Michael Keegan as he explores these questions with Angela Evans, Visiting Fellow at the IBM Center for The Business of Government & Former Dean of Public Affairs at the LBJ School, University of Texas, Austin.



Angela Evans is a Visiting Fellow with the IBM Center for The Business of Government.  Prior to this role, Professor Evans joined the faculty of the LBJ School in 2009 as a Professor in the Practice of Public Policy at the LBJ School of Public Affairs.  In 2016, she assumed the position of dean of the School—the first dean appointed by President of the University of Texas Austin, Dr. Gregory Fenves.  She  also facilitated a nationwide discussion with other university deans on the future of public policy in higher education. Professor Evans has earned numerous teaching awards, including the 2012 Texas Exes teaching award; the most valuable class (2010 and 2012) and the most helpful professor(every year since 2010).

Prior to joining the LBJ School, Professor Evans worked for the US Congress for nearly 40 years, the last 15 of which she served as the Deputy Director of the Congressional Research Service (CRS), a legislative branch agency that provides nonpartisan research and public policy analysis to Congress. In this capacity, she oversaw all facets of the research scholarship, development and operations within the Service. She led the first agency-wide reorganization in thirty years, developed the first agency-wide interdisciplinary collaborative research framework, secured foundation support for several large research projects, and oversaw a $110 million budget and 700 professional staff representing a broad range of disciplines, including those from law, the physical and social sciences, and medicine.

Professor Evans also is a fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration. She was elected the President of the Association of Schools of Public Policy and Administration and she served on the executive committee of National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Analysis.


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