• Government still wary of cloud computing

    Vendors say agencies likely to start small with private networks

  • ‘Shady’ porn site practices pose cyber risks

    Grid Reliability clears the House, Botnet taken down by owner

  • Amazon: e-books gaining market share

    The online retailer is selling more e-books than physical ones

  • Comparing cloud use in the U.S. and Europe

    Who’s using cloud more — the U.S. or Europe? What are the biggest concerns when it comes to security on both sides of the Atlantic? Should you be developing a cloud strategy now, or should…

  • Execs push to clear stormy privacy skies of cloud computing

    system, what kind of legal protection can you expect? The protection isn’t the same for data stored on your personal home computer, and top cloud vendors say it’s time for that to change.

  • Cloud lovers converge at ‘Cloudstock’

    What do you call hundreds of cloud developers stuck in a room together? Why, Cloudstock, of course. A cloud computing technical conference – dubbed by some as “The Woodstock for Cloud Developers” took place in San Francisco this week. Its mission was to “bring the top cloud developers and the top cloud technologies together under […]

  • discusses cloud success

    In 2009, was created as a way to follow the money being handed out through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Michael Wood, director of, told Federal News Radio using the cloud has been a major contributing factor to the website’s success, starting with the redesign of Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud was […]

  • NSA to test mobile device security

    The National Security Agency is testing a new IT architecture for securing data on mobile devices.

  • Cautionary tale of Amazon’s cloud crash

    The recent crash of Amazon’s cloud computing services has left a dark spot in the minds of some feds and contractors.

  • Agencies overcoming cloud security fears

    CIOs and other federal IT experts say cloud computing security isn’t much different than other protecting other technology systems. The chief technology officer for the CIA, Gus Hunt, said the cloud’s elasticity makes it harder for hackers to attack.