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Three days a week in the office? Get used to it

The push and pull over how much feds should return to the office seems headed to a grudging settlement.

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Air Force Reserve Command A4 Directorate, Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection, hosted a user acceptance testing session for the BRICE mobile app at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona with the 924th Fighter Group maintainers in March, 2018. Headquarters Air Force, AFRC, and Monkton teamed up to create and launch an iOS modern mobile app that enables maintainers to directly access the maintenance database from the flight line at the point of aircraft repair at the end of 2018.

The Air Force just did something Apple does every day, but it’s a revolution for the service

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Apple + VA? The very idea sounds cuckoo

Why does the Department of Veterans Affairs need Apple for mobile electronic health record, and why should Apple get a prescription cut?

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What the world needs: A good $99 smart phone

Smart phones keep getting significantly more expensive, but enough people feel, what choice do I have? We need them in order to communicate.

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WiFi with WPS and beyond – October 20, 2018

WiFi devices with WPS, WiFi range extender options, inkjet printer cartridge ripoff (HP and Epson), Profiles in IT (Jeremy Stoppelman, co-founder and CEO of Yelp), Apple watch not used to record Khashoggi killing, App of the Week (Be My Eyes), Idea of the Week (hurricane damage photos online), and all Apple user data can now be downloaded for review.

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