(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)Congress

One more week of business on Capitol Hill before the craziness sets in

With the Fourth of July behind them, and the Republic convention ahead of some of them, Congress spends this week in session.

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disaster costs,

As the cost of disasters rise, technology solutions with an empathetic approach is the way

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GettyImages-1710421116Visual representation of cloud computing.

FEMA’s cloud journey hitting uphill portion of marathon

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After walking down a gravel road to do recon on a fire cresting into the trees, a wildland firefighter grimaces as he walks back to his crew on Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021, at the Bedrock Fire north of Lenore, Idaho. Lenore is about 30 miles east of Lewiston, Idaho. (Pete Caster/Lewiston Tribune via AP)

White House asks Congress to keep firefighters from falling off the pay cliff

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USDA relocation

USDA, EPA increasing in-office requirements for agency managers and supervisors

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FILE - In this Oct. 5, 2017 file photo, Department of Homeland Security personnel deliver supplies to Santa Ana community residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Guayama, Puerto Rico. Federal authorities said Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019, that they have arrested two former officials of the Federal Emergency Management Authority and the former president of a major disaster relief contractor, accusing them of bribery and fraud in the efforts to restore electricity to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. (AP Photo/Carlos Giusti, File)

A Defense agency helps a civilian agency with a key post-disaster function

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Amelia Brust/Federal News Networkcybersecurity

Navy CDO Sasala jumps ship to the Army

FEMA brings back a familiar face to be its new CIO while HHS, the Navy and GSA fill key technology leadership roles.

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National Guard personnel under Title 32 duty status, in which the federal government funds 100% of the cost for the troops. Over 28,000 activated National Guard troops are helping state and local governments with: 🔹 Logistical support in warehouses to support food distribution 🔹 Medical screening and testing 🔹 Supporting correctional facilities Learn more about this and other types of federal support for COVID-19 response:

Meet the guy who makes sure FEMA arrives at a disaster fully prepared

Behind the visible efforts though FEMA, there is a mission support function that ensures the right money, equipment and people are in place.

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(AP Photo/Carlos Giusti)FEMA

When it comes to its workforce, FEMA has some work to do

A survey back in 2019 showed nearly a third of employees at FEMA had experienced discrimination or harassment. Since then the agency has taken a number of steps to reduce the incidence of these problems.

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