GSA Administrator Martha Johnson making waves at IRMCO

Johnson will lead an off-site event in May to reexamine how the agency is serving its customers.

From “GSA to rethink what success means” by Jason Miller on

“The General Services Administration is doing a top-to-bottom review of how they measure whether or not they are meeting their mission.

“GSA Administrator Martha Johnson says senior officials will be heading off-site in May to do the analysis and come up with new metrics that focus on transformation and capacity building.

“‘We have hundreds of measures right now,’ says Johnson in an exclusive interview with Federal News Radio after her speech at the IRMCO conference. ‘We will figure out the ones that will take us forward. We don’t want measures that are focused on inspection, but ones that will motivate our people and point us in a better direction.’

“Johnson couldn’t say how many metrics she would like to cut or have in the end. But she expects to get rid of some of the more obvious ones that are not working at the May meeting.

“The revamped metrics also will meet GSA’s new mission statement. Johnson announced the changes to the mission statement at the conference’s opening keynote Sunday night.

Jason Miller joined me live from IRMCO to talk about Martha Johnson’s speech, and what else we can expect to hear out of IRMCO.

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