• The green ideas our local entrepreneurs are bringing

    Adam Roberts, executive director of Bethesda Green, discusses the ways that companies like his are building environmentally sound and sustainable communities, and the responsibilities businesses have to care for their surroundings.

  • MAP: Where in the country are GSA’s greenest buildings?

    This week the U.S. Green Building Council released its 2018 Top 10 States for LEED Green Building. See which of these states are home to the most LEED-certified buildings owned and leased by the General Services Administration.

  • Tammy Flanagan: Federal retirement by the numbers

    Federal retirement expert Tammy Flanagan joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to shine some light on more recent retirement statistics.

  • One fish, two fish, Profish

    D.C.’s leading seafood purveyors discuss what consumers need to know about the safety and sustainability of today’s global aquaculture.

  • Federal government and private sector collaborations

    When it comes to executing an executive order, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the phrase “the more the merrier” applies.

  • It’s not just the fatigues that are green in the Army

    Assistant Secretary of the Army Katherine Hammack is leading the Army’s charge toward more sustainable bases. The Army has some ambitious near-term goals for energy savings.

  • Navy on track to meet renewable energy goal by year’s end

    Navy Secretary Ray Mabus told an audience at the GreenGov Symposium Wednesday his service would reach the goal of producing 1 gigawatt of renewable energy five years ahead of schedule.

  • Thomas Day, Chief Sustainability Officer, USPS

    In a recent executive order, President Barack Obama called on agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Thomas Day, the Postal Service’s chief sustainability officer, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to explain the steps the agency is taking on doing just that.

  • White House challenge puts the quest to go green in feds’ hands

    The government wants to go green and it’s soliciting employee suggestions to help do it. It’s a top-to-bottom effort though, as federal agencies also released their annual sustainability plans and the President announced a new GreenGov Symposium.

  • GSA pushing agencies to reuse, recycle electronics

    The General Services Administration plans to have draft governmentwide policies for reusing and recycling used electronics by the end of this fiscal year. Kevin Kampschroer, deputy senior sustainability official for GSA, announced the agency’s efforts at the release of the updated national strategy for sustainable electronics.