Update on GSA’s SmartPay program

Host Mark Amtower discusses the SmartPay program with David Shea, Director of the Office of Charge Card Management, Federal Acquisition Service, General Service...

(This is an encore presentation. This show originally aired September 27, 2010.)

November 1, 2010 — Mark Amtower’s guest this week is David Shea, Director of the Office of Charge Card Management, FAS, GSA.

They will discuss all facets of the federal SmartPay program from the history of the program forward, including:

  • Types of cards (fleet, travel, purchased, combined card)
  • Activity on each type of card
  • Safeguards around SmartPay card use
  • Rebates agencies receive for card usage
  • How vendors can get information on how to promote card acceptance
  • How Level 3 processing helps contractors and government

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