New health plan options & reduced retirement benefits

NARFE's David Snell will talk about a health care option for feds without children and Sean Reilly from the Federal Times will give us an update on 2014 budget ...

August 21, 2013 — President Obama’s budget proposes that health plans covering federal and postal workers offer a third option: Self plus one coverage.

So when would it happen, and how would it work?

On this week’s Your Turn radio show, David Snell from the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association will talk about the option that would benefit couples without kids.

He’ll also discuss a congressional plan, backed by the White House, that would reduce the size of future cost of living adjustments for federal, military retirees and people who get Social Security benefits.

Read the full story of what Snell had to say here.

Later in the show, Sean Reilly of the Federal Times talks about a possible government shutdown, the uncertainty surrounding the fiscal 2014 budget outlook and the fact that some groups — judges, FAA managers — are already asking Congress for relief from any CR that would leave funding at post-sequester spending levels.

He’ll also discuss the new GAO report on the Postal Service’s plan to pull out of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and the fact that unionized postal workers are getting COLAs and other pay increases after a long dry spell.

Listen if you can (1500 AM or online), and if you have questions email them to Mike at or call in during the show at (202) 465-3080. The show will be archived here.


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