Head shots of Cook and Sisti

The NDAA & Covid-19 relief: A congressional outlook

Tim Cook, executive director of the Center for Procurement Advocacy and Tom Sisti, general counsel for the Coalition for Government Procurement, join host…

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NAT Trump

House Majority Leader prepares lawmakers for continuing resolution

In today’s Federal Newscast, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) tells his colleagues what may seem inevitable: a continuing resolution is the likely…

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Amelia Brust/Federal News NetworkLoren Duggan Bloomberg Government

Last month of the fiscal year, what does Congress have planned?

Not much got done in Congress over the last two weeks, and tomorrow is the first day of the last month of the fiscal year.

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Head shot of Larry Allen

The new normal as we approach FY 2021

This week on Amtower Off Center, Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal Business Partners, joins host Mark Amtower to discuss the “new normal” for federal workers and contractors during the Covid-19 pandemic, and whether fiscal year 2021 will start with a continuing resolution.

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