Social Security

  • Avoid surprises by preparing for retirement years in advance

    Now that the shock of the stock market correction has settled in, federal retirement benefits specialist Tammy Flanagan said it imperative to calculate what your net retirement annuity income with be.

  • COVID-19 and your retirement timetable

    March has been a game-changer for billions of people. The pandemic has produced a variety of mid-life crises for just about every thinking person.

  • Timing your first date with Social Security

    Working for the federal government has its rewards and challenges. The same when you retire — a lot of options which also means a lot of choices.

  • You can’t take it with you — or can you?

    One of the great fears of people planning for retirement is running out of, or low on money while they are still breathing.

  • WEP and Offset: The Social Security killers

    The two decades-old laws impact, as in reduce or almost eliminate, the Social Security benefits of 1.8 million public servants.

  • Justice Dept. suing New Jersey over immigration policy

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Justice Department is challenging a New Jersey law enforcement policy D-O-J says obstructs federal immigration enforcement.

  • Thinking retirement: When, where and why?

    While your income will likely go down in retirement, moving to a more tax-friendly state could increase the cash value of your annuity.

  • Full retirement age: What’s it mean for you?

    One longtime reader says feds should be aware of their full retirement age (FRA) and what it means to them.

  • Finding your retirement date

    Timing federal retirement right allows you to carry over the maximum amount of annual leave, and in 2020 be paid for most if not all of it at the new higher 3.1% pay raise.

  • When you really can retire, can you really retire?

    Have you asked yourself all the right questions about your retirement?