Social Security

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Social Security: Insurance or investment?

Should you treat Social Security like insurance or like an investment? Your answer may affect how much money you collect.

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Military retirees, survivors will see 1.3% increase in COLA for 2021

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What they’re saying about the payroll tax deferral

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USPS won’t implement payroll tax deferral after reviewing impact on employees

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(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)FILE - In this June 15, 2018, file photo a canning jar filled with currency sits on a shelf in East Derry, N.H. An emergency fund doesn’t have to be wishful thinking when you’re building your financial life. Start small to build a habit, use windfalls to kick-start your fund and have a plan for irregular expenses. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File)

What the payroll tax deferral means for your wallet — and what you’ll pay back in 2021

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Vague OMB guidance on payroll tax deferral leaves many questions unanswered

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January’s CSRS, FERS, Social Security and COLA outlook is grim

Fortunate federal retirees, like people who get Social Security, usually get a catchup-with-inflation increase in their benefits the first of each year. 

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Trump aiming for late-September launch of payroll tax deferral for federal employees

All federal providers are working to implement the payroll tax deferral policy President Donald Trump announced earlier this month in an executive order,…

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When your TSP nest egg won’t hatch!

When they eventually retire, 99% of all current federal-postal workers will depend on their Thrift Savings Plan to provide a substantial portion of their future lifetime income.

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