Social Security

  • When your TSP nest egg won’t hatch!

    When they eventually retire, 99% of all current federal-postal workers will depend on their Thrift Savings Plan to provide a substantial portion of their future lifetime income.

  • Pandemic problem: Retire, carry on or simply survive?

    A lot of people who retired last year or earlier this year probably wish they hadn’t. Most are living on less.

  • Janitor-Marine-TSP millionaire tackles Social Security offset and windfall

    While most feds oppose WEP and GPO, today’s guest columnist said he’s looked at the background, crunched the numbers and in his opinion they are fair.

  • COVID-19 impact on 2021 COLA, pay raise and WEP/GPO

    Given the impact of the pandemic on the economy, and on prices, it is unlikely that retirees who get cost of living adjustments most years will be getting a COLA in January 2021.

  • Add ‘political realities’ to the strikes against retirees

    Although looking back on the first couple of months of 2020 might seem like the Good Old Days, benefits expert Tammy Flanagan said, “It was already destined to be pretty rocky” being an election year and all. But, then, of course, came the coronavirus pandemic.

  • GPO and WEP: The other pandemics!

    Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset cost millions of federal and public employees even more millions in dollars of benefits.

  • Lock down survival tip: Measure twice, cut once

    Time in grade and in government doesn’t automatically mean you will be able to maintain a reasonable standard of living once you’ve traded your biweekly pay check for a monthly annuity. 

  • Avoid surprises by preparing for retirement years in advance

    Now that the shock of the stock market correction has settled in, federal retirement benefits specialist Tammy Flanagan said it imperative to calculate what your net retirement annuity income with be.

  • COVID-19 and your retirement timetable

    March has been a game-changer for billions of people. The pandemic has produced a variety of mid-life crises for just about every thinking person.

  • Timing your first date with Social Security

    Working for the federal government has its rewards and challenges. The same when you retire — a lot of options which also means a lot of choices.