Social Security

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    Alan P. Balutis Director and Distinguished Fellow Cisco Business Solutions Group

  • Federal Retiree – Social Security Benefits Flatline

    Federal retirees didn’t get a cost of living adjustment this year. What’s the outlook for a COLA in 2011? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey rates the chances as somewhere between slim and none.

  • How to maximize your Social Security benefits

    James Marshall, Federal Retirement Counselor and Instructor, discusses the issue for both CSRS and FERS employees. May 17, 2010

  • Social Security has more than a math problem

    Jagadeesh Gokhale challenges notions about Social Security’s financial future and explores the implications of alternative reforms for the program as a whole and for today’s and future generations of Americans.

  • Social Security: what’s in it for feds?

    How can social security and medicare be preserved for future generations? Nancy Altman, chairman of the Board of the Pension Rights Center, is Mike Causey’s guest this week on Your Turn.

  • Social Security, What’s In It For Feds?

    Most people working for Uncle Sam will collect Social Security benefits when they retire. But what about a pending proposal to reduce benefits and raise the age of retirement. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says this is not your typical Washington food fight…

  • Federal pay up over 400 percent since 1969

    A report from Congressional Research Service reports on increases in federal pay and pension since 1969.

  • Sweetening No-Cal COLAs: A Senior Moment?

    Social Security and retired feds won’t be getting a cost of living adjustment next year, but they once again may get a flat $250 payment courtesy of Congress and the administration. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks is this fair and just, or just another political senior moment?

  • Opinion: no COLA in 2011 makes sense

    One-time $250 payments are a bad idea? Jason Fitchner, former deputy commissioner at the Social Security Administration, says so.

  • Elections 2010: Focus on federal workers

    A partial shift in power on the Hill means committee chairmanships will change in the House but not in the Senate. A variety of issues from the federal budget to telework, and federal pay and regulatory policies will be re-examined.