• Health Care Reform: Good For the Feds!

    Just about everybody agrees we need some kind of national health care reform, but not if it means higher premiums and reduced or delayed services. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey talks about how health care reform might impact feds and retirees.

  • OPM gives feds two extra months to decide on long-term care changes

    Extension comes after employee unions and others ask for it during a hearing last week. Employees must decide whether to stick with their current plan and see premiums increase, or move to a different plan.

  • How health care legislation on Capitol Hill could affect feds

    You’ve heard plenty about health care reform legislation, and by now you might’ve tuned some of the news out. After all, conventional wisdom states that because you’re a fed, the health care legislation won’t impact…

  • Former President of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association dies

    Frank Atwater, former President of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, has died.

  • Pay Freeze as Union Recruiting Tool

    When the Senate voted not to freeze your salary it may have deprived federal union leaders with what Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says would have been their greatest ever recruiting tool: anger.

  • Are federal employee unions too political?

    On Tuesday, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wrote a column regarding the federal pay freeze and union membership. Well, he got a good number of emails from readers and listeners, some of whom said they think unions are too political. On this week’s Your Turn, Causey talked with Colleen Kelley of the NTEU and Judy Park of NARFE to get their thoughts.

  • Will you soon be able to invest annual leave in your TSP?

    This week, Mike Causey talks with Dan Adcock, legislative director of the National Active Retired Federal Employees, about where legislation is in the House that would allow you to move unused annual leave into your TSP after leaving federal service. Then, Randy Erwin of the National Federation of Federal Employees talks about why some in Congress are keen on freezing federal pay and benefits. Encore presentation

  • November Elections & Your Pay and Benefits

    With every election even the safest members of the House and Senate pretend to run like their jobs are actually on the line, but this time around it may be true. Mike Causey says that could have an impact on your pay, benefits and job security.

  • Social Security, What’s In It For Feds?

    Most people working for Uncle Sam will collect Social Security benefits when they retire. But what about a pending proposal to reduce benefits and raise the age of retirement. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says this is not your typical Washington food fight…

  • Exit interview with NARFE’s Margaret Baptiste

    This week on Your Turn, Mike Causey interviews Margaret Baptiste, the outgoing president of NARFE. They discuss what happened during her tenure and what didn’t happen. September 15, 2010