David Snell

  • 2019 health premiums: Disappointing selfies

    Health insurance experts say that in four or five years there would be little or no difference in the family and self-plus one plans.

  • Trump budget kicks his fed voter base: cops & firefighters

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the budget proposal could eliminate the so-called Social Security supplement now available to feds who are forced to retire earlier because of stressful, dangerous jobs.

  • Joys and sorrows of turning 65 — Medicare Part B

    One of the tough choices for people turning 65 can be both important and expensive, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, namely choosing to purchase Medicare Part B coverage or not.

  • 5 reasons why you should change your health plan during Open Season

    Open Season for the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program kicks off Nov. 14 and runs through Dec. 12. Participants have about month to make changes to their health plans. But experts say only 6 percent of federal employees and retirees typically choose to make a change.

  • OPM Retirement Services has 1 customer service rep for every 27K annuitants

    Roughly 540,000 of the 1.9 million calls the Office of Personnel Management’s Retirement Services received from federal annuitants in fiscal 2015 were abandoned, OPM’s inspector general found. The IG also said Retirement Services is not meeting its goal to process all written inquires within 60 days or less.

  • What happens if your health plan leaves you?

    Every year during Open Season only a small number of federal workers and retirees change health plans, but Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says what if your plan dropped you?

  • Record-setting Open Season prompts limited enrollment period

    The popularity of the self-plus-one option during the 2015 Open Season helped make it the busiest enrollment period on record. This year was so busy that the Office of Personnel Management has scheduled a limited enrollment period in February to make certain changes to plans regarding self-plus-one.

  • Is the new self-plus-one option right for you?

    David Snell, director of retirement benefits at NARFE, joins host Mike Causey to discuss the new self-plus-one health care option for federal employees, and the backlog in processing retirement applications. December 16, 2015

  • The morning after: now what?

    For a lot of feds this is Day Two of a 4-day Thanksgiving break. A good time to make pre-New Year’s resolutions, resolve to get back on that diet and exercise regime, and to pick your 2016 health plan.

  • Are you in the wrong health plan?

    David Snell, director of retirement benefits at NARFE, joins host Mike Causey to go through the pros and cons of different health plans are available for both retirees and working feds. November 24, 2015