Is the new self-plus-one option right for you?

Many federal and postal workers, and retirees are intrigued by the new self-plus-one option available as part of their health insurance program. But many hesitated to sign up.

So the government is going to have a limited enrollment period  when people who wish to switch to the self-plus-one option can do so. It’s  good deal for many couples, active or retired, and for single parents with one child.

Today on Your Turn, David Snell, director of retirement benefits at NARFE, will join host Mike Causey to explain the self-plus-one concept, how it stacks up with two single options or a family plan, and other facets of the health program.  He’ll also talk about the backlog in processing retirement applications, and talk about what you should be doing if you are five years out from retirement.  He’ll take questions on the air (10 a.m. EST) at (202) 465-3080, or you can send them to Mike at To listen live from any phone dial  712-432-5393.


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