The cloud, Cloudera, and the federal government

Mike Olson, board chairman and chief strategy officer of Cloudera, will talk about some of the tools your agency can use to manage its stored data. May 27, 2014

May 27, 2014 — Today’s interview is with Mike Olson, board chairman and chief strategy officer of Cloudera.

If your agency is overwhelmed with data, then you probably have heard of concepts like Hadoop and Cloudera.

During today’s interview, Olson gives the listeners a good understanding of a wide range of tools you can use to manage large data stored.

It is always challenging to set up valid technology parallels.

However, most listeners to Federal News Radio have heard of an open source operating system called Linux.

Companies like Red Hat have helped system administrators implement that free operating system software.

In like manner, there is open source software called Hadoop that allows developers to manage large amounts of data.

Cloudera helps system administrators by providing ways to use Hadoop in an efficient manner.

In a nutshell, Cloudera is to Hadoop as Red Hat is to Linux.

Everything flows after that basic concept is understood.

Cloudera was founded by several technologists who were frustrated by limitations at companies like Yahoo! and Facebook.

They provide a wide range of tools including a recently announced Enterprise Data Hub.

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