Cloud computing

  • Cloud Computing

    Philip Resnik Professor, University of Maryland Michael Nelson Visiting Professor, Georgetown University Nov.13th, 2008

  • Our Heads are in the Clouds

    FederalNewsRadio has been tracking the issue of cloud computing — that is where data is stored on somebody elses systems, not on an agency’s own systems. If you use Web mail, you have used cloud…

  • Is the Cloud Coming?

    Cloud computing is coming — and that it probably should — that’s the gist of a new report by Marketspace, Envisioning the Cloud: The next computing paradigm. Many agencies are looking at cloud computing, including…

  • The road to greater transparency begins with culture change

    White House officials say examples of open government will help alter perceptions

  • New security initiatives for a new IT model

    Dr. Ron Ross Project Leader, FISMA Implementation Project NIST March 31st, 2009

  • Cloud computing and virtual worlds: a marriage made in heaven

    It didn’t happen by design, but the almost-simultaneous emergence of cloud computing and virtual worlds, like Second Life and other 3D user environments, seem to be a marriage made in heaven. This was the topic…

  • NIST looks to define the cloud

    Draft explanation kicks off effort to develop special publication for government architecture, strategies and security.

  • Federal agencies move closer to cloud computing

    Now that GSA has issued an RFQ, more experts think the technology will happen sooner rather than later for the federal government.

  • No network, no cloud

    Tim Lemaster Director, Systems Engineering Juniper Networks September 1st, 2009

  • OMB launches cloud storefront,

    The Web site’s goal is to make it easier for agencies to obtain cloud computing services. The administration also wants to change policy and budget to meet new approach to technology.