• Russian internet and the co-founder of Instagram – May 4, 2019

    Hosted by Dr. Richard Shurtz and Jim Russ. Sponsored by Stratford University. Russia wants its own internet. And we meet the co-founder of Instagram.

  • Cybersecurity consultant’s report lays out areas of US vulnerability

    An important term ought to be in every cybersecurity practitioner’s lexicon: Adversary tradecraft. Dmitri Alperovitch at Crowdstrike joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin in studio for more details.

  • Navy secretary gets a cyber jolt

    A hair-raising report to Navy Secretary Richard Spencer was leaked, and it presents a grim picture of America’s cybersecurity threat.

  • International cyber ‘Kum Ba Yah’ lacks U.S. signature

    The Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace has 51 nations’ signatures, but not that of the United States.

  • Pension reform, Russian style

    The upside to the Russia pension system is that it is indexed to inflation. The downside is that the average life expectancy for Russian men is reportedly 59.

  • How will Congress deal with Trump-Russia relations, domestic issues?

    Between Donald Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin and still unresolved immigration issues, Congress is reacting — or in some cases remaining silent — on a wide range of challenges. Roll Call’s David Hawkings talked with Tom Temin about it.

  • Bob Mueller and me: Hair raising info about new special counsel

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey tells of a hair-raising encounter with Robert S. Mueller, the new special counsel at the Justice Department looking into the “possible coordination” between associates of President Donald Trump and Russian officials.

  • Vince Crisler: What DHS, FBI know about Russian hackers

    While you were loafing and watching football over the holidays, this guest was creating an in-depth visualization of data provided by the Homeland Security Department and the FBI in their Joint Analysis Report. The so-called JAR outlined the Russian hacking project called Grizzly Steppe. But there’s more going on than outlined in the 13-page report. Joining Federal Drive with Tom Temin with his revelations, Vince Crisler, CEO of cybersecurity startup Dark Cubed.

  • DHS, FBI report details Russian election hack and defenses against future attacks

    The Homeland Security Department and FBI published a Joint Analysis Report detailing the Russian cyber attacks of 2015-16, as well as best practices and mitigation strategies for organizations to apply to protect themselves from future hacks.

  • 2016 in pictures: Best photo galleries of the year

    As 2016 wraps up, here’s a look back at the best photo galleries from each month.