• OMB’s new strategy gives agencies operational, tactical guide to increasing the value of federal data

    Federal CIO Suzette Kent said in an exclusive interview that new federal data strategy helps build a mature, healthy and secure data sharing foundation.

  • Valuable, messy and contentious: How big data became ‘new oil’

    While agency IT officials recognize the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act and OPEN Government Data Act present opportunities to get more value out of their data, they also see challenges in preparing the workforce to manage all that data.

  • 5 lessons CIOs can take from confusion around FCC’s alleged cyber attack

    Former federal CIOs offered suggestions for how current technology executives can tamp down controversy in the aftermath of a cyber attack.

  • Executive Survey Series: DoD Data Management

    Part of our executive survey series, the 2018 DoD data management survey dives into the state of data management in DoD today.

  • Advice to CIOs: ‘Don’t pooh-pooh the IT modernization guidance’

    OMB issued the instructions for how agencies can apply for the central fund to move off legacy systems.

  • All things content: Tales from two Lisa’s

    Lisa Deluca, senior manager of Public Sector Marketing at Veritas Technologies, and Market Connections founder and President Lisa Dezzutti join host Mark Amtower on this week’s Amtower Off Center, for a wide ranging discussion of content marketing. June 12, 2017

  • Strategy, cloud keys to improve federal data management

    Tom Kennedy, the vice president and general manager of Veritas Public Sector, said during the Innovation in Government show that two trends are impacting how agencies meet a series of OMB data management deadlines.

  • Breaking the Cycle of Data Hoarding

    Government Organizations compile data like no other, storing on average 2.63 petabytes at any one time. That’s 167 times the information in all the books in the Library of Congress. For Defense organizations, where the mission is critical and lives are on the line, how do you break that data hoarding cycle? How do you shine a light on redundant, outdated and trivial data that may be clogging up your workflow and hampering your mission?

  • Trends in data-driven decision-making in government

    With the growth of connected systems, commonly known as the Internet of Things, as well as better sensors and more devices, the amount of data agencies, and particularly the Defense Department, have to manage will only continue to grow.

  • Symantec investor pushing for split

    An activist investor is reportedly pushing for Symantec to split into a security business AND a data storage business.