2018 budget

  • It’s all about the budget

    In one of the busiest weeks yet, the Trump administration gave Congress two budget proposals to debate.

  • 2018 budget highlights: A breakdown of what civilian agency programs are up, down

    Most of the civilian agencies are taking some cuts in their budgets, and a number of programs are being eliminated.

  • Will Trump follow longstanding tradition for adjusting federal pay in 2018?

    The full 2018 budget proposal could include a 1.9 percent pay raise for federal employees. This number is in line with the annual pay adjustment formula set under Title 5 of the U.S. Code for most federal employees under the General Schedule. The President can ultimately choose to differ from this formula and must tell Congress of his alternative by Sept. 1.

  • 19 agencies on the president’s chopping block: How much would they save?

    President Donald Trump wants to eliminate funding for 19 small, independent federal agencies, according to his fiscal 2018 budget blueprint. In total, these agencies would make a relatively small dent in the overall $1.1 trillion budget and would likely eliminate salaries for about 1,620 federal employees, a rough estimate due to the availability of data. Here’s a breakdown of what each of the 19 agencies do, how much they funding they received from Congress in fiscal 2016 and now under the current continuing resolution and how many full time people they employ. The numbers below show the most recently available data, in most cases from 2016 or 2015.

  • EPA personnel cuts aren’t only cost-saving ideas Trump has in mind for 2018 budget

    A 31 percent cut to the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget in fiscal 2018 would force EPA to cut nearly 4,000 full time equivalent employees, begin cost-saving IT modernization projects and reduce the agency’s physical footprint. New budget documents describe funding levels and policy decisions at EPA that would support the President’s 2018 budget request.

  • Generals warn about cuts to State Dept. budget; senator pushes to double it

    The nation’s number-two military officer added himself to the list of Defense officials who’ve expressed unease about taking funds away from the State Department as one way to pay for a $54 billion plus-up in military spending.

  • Policy initiatives but no government shutdown

    The Trump administration’s first 100 days concludes with several policy initiatives and agreeing to a budget plan to avoid a government shutdown.

  • Long-term budget outlook: ‘We’re doomed. Any questions?’

    Based on what’s happened so far in 2017, budget expert Stan Collender said the administration is already behind schedule on budgets and appropriations as far ahead as 2019, and the tactics Republican lawmakers are using make catching up unlikely.

  • Trump releases final 2018 budget proposal, touts $3.6T in spending cuts over 10 years

    Many of the ideas President Donald Trump outlined in his March budget blueprint remain the same in his final budget proposal, which he released Tuesday. But federal employees will notice other proposals that are new — and have the potential to impact them directly.

  • Trump’s proposed retirement changes would have major impacts on current feds and retirees

    Proposed changes to the federal retirement system could force current federal employees to delay retirements and spark financial hardship for current retirees. Federal financial experts discuss these proposals, which President Donald Trump included in his full fiscal 2018 budget request.