Smooth transition? Flush end of FY 18 morphs to another probable CR

The 2018 fiscal year for the federal government comes to an end in a few weeks. What does that mean for contractors and what can they expect in FY 2019? Find ...

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This week on Amtower Off Center, host Mark Amtower interviews Dan Snyder, deputy director of  Government Contracts Research at Bloomberg Government and Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal on what to expect at the end of FY 2018 and the beginning of FY 2019.

Head shots of Dan Snyder & Larry Allen
Dan Snyder & Larry Allen

Topics include:

  • how much money will be spent in the last five weeks,
  • where are the FY 2018 opportunities,
  • IDIQs hot at end of the fiscal year,
  • yet another continuing resolution on the horizon, and will a shutdown occur, and
  • looking emerging contracts for 2019.

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