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The House is ‘it’ this week, when it comes to agency authorizations

The Senate managed to pass an important bill last week, authorizing the Federal Aviation Administration. That makes the House “it,” so to speak.

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A new and troubled Commerce Department financial system has fresh glitches

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What will happen now that Congress bought itself a week or two on the budget?

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The sun shines on the dome of Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Aug. 12, 2022. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Congress has a lot to cram in this week before the House goes on recess.

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Irresistible forces are pushing on a seemingly immovable Congress

What a mess. Border security, foreign military aid, and the lack of a 2024 budget agreement have turned into a sort of Gordian Knot for Congress. Happy…

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Huge end-of-the-year deadlines looming in Congress

Congress is back from its Thanksgiving recess this week — with not very much time to go before several different impending deadlines. We’ve talked a lot…

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A government shutdown is (or is not) a week away

It sure came fast. Just a workweek remaining until the continuing resolution expires. The fever is building on Capitol Hill to do something to avoid a government shutdown. For the latest, Federal Drive Host Tom Temin spoke to Bloomberg Government Deputy News Director Loren Duggan. 

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